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Donglai Precision will provide you with 1V1 technical consulting services for free! We have a research and development center of over 3000 square meters on the 9th floor of Shenzhen Guangming Pilot Industry Base. Our research and development center has 12+laboratories and strong research and development capabilities. We are a trusted adhesive manufacturer. Welcome to customize adhesive according to the drawings. Please contact us for free samples

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

Adhesive for new energy material products

* CCS connector sealing UV adhesive
* NTC Protection UV Adhesive
* Nickel plate protection UV adhesive
* CCS connector sealing epoxy adhesive
* Polymer cell surface insulation adhesive
* Insulation adhesive on the surface of power batteries
* UV curing insulation adhesive (circuit board level)
* Microcapsule self-excited fire extinguishing adhesive material

Adhesive for electronic assembly materials

*Low temperature cured epoxy adhesive
*Epoxy sealing adhesive
*PUR structural adhesive
*Acrylic structural adhesive
*Two component epoxy structural adhesive
*Epoxy structural adhesive
*PU sealing adhesive
*Waterproof adhesive
*UV protective adhesive
*Glass thinning adhesive
*UV heated double solid adhesive
*UV encapsulation adhesive
*FPC reinforcement adhesive
*Dust catching adhesive
*High strength UV pressure-sensitive adhesive

Adhesive products for magnetic components

*Hot pressed inductor adhesive
*Cold pressed inductor adhesive
*Organic silicon magnetic powder sintered adhesive
*NR magnetic adhesive
*Magnetic core adhesive
*Heat resistant insulation coating

Adhesive for optoelectronic display materials

*Liquid molding adhesive
*GOB sealing adhesive
*COB bottom filling adhesive
*Injection molding adhesive for optical lenses
*Mini LED organic silicon lens molding adhesive
*Mini LED organic silicon packaging adhesive

Adhesive for electronic packaging materials

*Epoxy sealing adhesive
*Epoxy primer

Adhesive for surface graphic materials

*UV transfer adhesive
*UV transfer adhesive
*Imitation leather transfer adhesive

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Our company is a technology-based company that mainly produces semiconductor packaging materials and electronic adhesives, optical grade and electronic grade resins. We focus on providing resin and adhesive, packaging application material products and solutions for semiconductor packaging and testing enterprises, consumer electronics enterprises, and communication equipment terminal enterprises, to meet the key material needs of customers in precision packaging, process protection, high-precision bonding, electrical performance protection, optical applications, and other areas.